How To Vacation On A Budget

Planning for a vacation but your budget is tight? No problem, there are ways you can enjoy a great holiday without the need of spending too much.

Find the right location

  • Consider underrated places
    Remove from your list places that highly attract tourists, as they are expensive for sure. Go to places that are not as popular yet can offer you great experiences. There are a lot of underrated places, and they are not only cheap but authentic too.
  • Travel when off peak
    Tourist spots, are not only more expensive, but populous too when on season, like visiting Europe during summer and so on. Prices also go up during holiday seasons, so best time to visit places during off season when there are less tourists.
  • Consider packed deals
    It is most of the time cheaper when transportation, daily expenses and housing are bundled collectively. This is also a good way to streamline your holiday better.

Find affordable flights

  • Bundle with hotels
    Websites such as Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline and the like let you book hotels, car rentals and flight together for a price lesser when you add them up individually. Bundling all these is a good and fast way to save money.
  • Search often widely and early
    The best way to get the cheapest airfare is by checking often and visiting as many airline sites as possible. Also, most of them offer early bird promos which offer their customers with high discounts when flights are booked far earlier than the definite flight schedule.
  • Consider connecting flights
    Some stay away from this option because it will elongate their travel time. But, if you are on a budget considering connecting flights is a great deal. It may take time, but it will definitely slash huge amount of money from your budget.
  • Consider roundtrip tickets
    Using the same airline going back and forth to your destination is ideal considering that airlines give discounts to roundtrip tickets than one way.
  • Be flexible with the flight schedules
    Do not be too picky on time of the flight, as the price varies on the time of departure and arrival. Sure, off time of departure and arrival is a lot cheaper when you arrive or leave at time that is highly convenient and in demand.

Find the right accommodation

  • Bundle accommodation with your flight
    Bundle your accommodation with your chosen flight. This you can get from different websites and directly from the airline where you book your flight.
  • Find hotels that are smaller
    Choosing independent hotels is more recommended as they are basically cheaper than chains of hotels. Instead of staying in 5 star hotels, which are sky rocket expensive, consider 3 stars instead. Anyway, you will still feel comfortable at these type of hotels.
  • Consider hostels
    These are not luxurious but it will let you sleep comfortably at night at an affordable price. They are most of the time arranged in dorms, and you are to share rooms with strangers. However, there are available private rooms that are cheaper.
  • Consider an apartment
    There are available properties of locals for rent and this you can check on different websites. This is the best option if you are planning to stay in the city for a longer period of time.

Cut on your daily expenses

  • Keep away from touristy restaurants
    Ask the locals for restaurants they recommend. By doing so, you are not only giving yourself the chance to save but also maximizing your destination’s experience.
  • Eat larger meals in the morning
    When dining out, you can notice that lunch menu is cheaper than dinner menu. This being the case, load up in the morning, when prices are cheaper and eat less when prices are more expensive.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone
    Sure, you want to call your family back to your hometown, but unfortunately, using your phone may charge you beyond what you want and willing to pay. Instead of using your mobile provider, use Skype and other online services.
  • Use your cash and not credit cards
    Low end shops do not use credit cards, hence make sure to have your cash available to take advantage of cheaper goods.
  • Pack light particularly if you are riding a plane
    As much as possible, avoid check baggage as it costs additional fee.

Now that you know tips mentioned above, you can start planning your holiday on a budget!