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We promise, it’s simple. We’ve been helping Winnipeggers for years getting out of debt.

It’s easy to fall into debt and it’s easy for it to keep building up. Loans you regret, or loans you didn’t have a choice with, it needs to be taken care of. Often with high rates it makes monthly payments nearly impossible.

There is no reason to be paying ridiculous rates on your debt. Those companies are cashing in on you and they don’t want it to stop.  What we do is take all your debt and combine it into one loan with an affordable rate and payment. The creditors stop calling and you can finally relax.

We help Winnipeg get out of debt!

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“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” – Benjamin Franklin


“I was in a bad place, I didn’t think there was any way out. The interest kept piling up and the phone kept ringing. I had to stop answering the phone all together. I really didn’t think there was a solution, but I didn’t have a choice. I called Debt Consolidation Winnipeg just to feel them out.  They helped me realize there was a way out and my debt wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m writing this review six months after they’ve helped and I’ve been making my payments every month. Finally.”

Charles S.

“I had a few silly loans I wish I didn’t have, some with very bad rates that I got suckered into. A friend recommended debtconsolidationwinnipeg.ca so I checked them out. We sat down briefly and I found out my credit was actually pretty good.  I ended up putting all my debt under one big loan at a very good rate. I can’t explain how great it felt to not have to continue to pay very high payments. If you’re unsure, just give them a call, it doesn’t cost you anything and they can at least give free advice.”

Cynthia R.

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